I have always had a love for animals and always known I wanted to work with animals. From a young age I've had many pets and have enjoyed being around them. My own dogs Anakin and Boba attend daycare.

I have a national certificate in Animal Care and Husbandry. I run the day to day operations at the Hound Lounge, so I make sure that the staff are going above and beyond to provide the best care for your dogs and the best customer service.

I've been working at the Hound Lounge since 2014 so have a huge amount experience within the company.

In my down time I enjoy playing video games, binge watching Netflix and collecting Star Wars memorabilia. 



I have always been fascinated with animals since I was young. As the nerdy kid at intermediate, I would spend many lunch breaks in the library reading about wild animals. 

My love of animals continued through my education, and I now hold a Bachelor of Science from Otago University with a double major in Zoology and Ecology, and a Certificate in Animal Care from Weltec.  At some stage I would also like to get into dog training.

I have been with the Hound Lounge for about 5 years and I continue to enjoy meeting, and learning about, all the different personalities of our furry friends, and forming bonds with each and every one. It's been a truly rewarding experience.

I am very passionate about football (soccer) and I captain 2 indoor teams. I also have an interest in crime fighting and model railroads. My family owns 3 dogs and 2 cats.



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I have always had a great love for animals having grown up on a farm in the New Forest in England.

I worked in a variety of office jobs before deciding to go travelling starting in Canada. When I got there I really missed my family dog and I decided to get a job at a dog daycare to try and fill the void. I very quickly realised that working with dogs was the best job out there and now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

After two years in Canada I came here to New Zealand and I was thrilled I was able to secure a position at the Hound Lounge and get to continue working with dogs and make some more human and canine friends! I don’t have a dog of my own yet, but I’m hoping to adopt an ex racing greyhound when the time is right.

In my down time I enjoy playing video games, hiking and exploring.



Since a young age I have loved animals. My family dog had multiple litters, my older brothers had dogs and other family members lived on farms. Fair to say I've always been surrounded by animals of all kinds! Then, at the age of 16 my love and need to understand dogs began to kick in. And now we're here! I spend every day with beautiful for legged woofers.

I have recently completed the National Certificate in Animal Care at Weltec and I've been fortunate enough to be an assistant for dog training classes with ACE dog training; a job I pursue on weekends.

New to Wellington, my partner and I have found our home here. Our puppy Kaia comes to day care almost every day and sleeps like a log every night. In my down time I enjoy being crafty, going on walks and doing a whole lot of nothing!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know the awesome crew and dogs here at the Hound Lounge and can't wait to play with your pup!



I have always wanted to work with animals, especially dogs!

My love of animals saw me enrol in the National Certificate in Animal Care, which I graduated in 2017. As part of this certificate I got to work with animals at the Wellington SPCA and I've continued to volunteer there for over a year and a half up at the dog run and in the vet clinic.

I have also recently passed a Veterinary Nursing Assistant course where I got to learn about animals on a deeper level, and I'm so grateful I get to work at the Hound Lounge as my first animal related job where I get to know the personalities, care for, and have fun with all the beautiful doggies that attend.




I have always had a passion for caring for animals since I was young. I’ve grown up with big and small dogs and on farms.

I moved to Wellington in 2018 where I enrolled with Weltec to undertake the Certificate in Animal Care qualification. I am also a volunteer at the SPCA helping animals in the hospital. I plan to continue my studies and get my Vet Nursing Diploma.

Since starting at the Hound Lounge, I have loved every single minute, it’s honestly the dream job! It’s fantastic to work with such a wide range of breeds and personalities – no two days are the same.

As this is my first animal related job it has made me realise how big my passion for dogs is and how much more I want to continue working with animals.


Meet the Owner of the emBARKERS Hound Lounge, Dog Daycare in miramar, Wellington


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Making the decision to leave my marketing career was simple.  As owner and team member at Hound Lounge I’ll get to satisfy my childhood dream of working with dogs and I get to spend more time with my wonderful family.

I’m also very excited that I can now watch funny dog clips online and call it research for work.

I’ll treat each, and every, dog as I do my own, because that's the level of care I’d expect for my furry family member.

We are an animal loving family with, at last count, 12 chickens, 4 frogs, 10 fish (3 inside and 7 outside), and a dog Maggie.