providing all your DOG's DAYCARE needs at Hound Lounge in Wellington

We provide structured, supervised play for dogs and puppies in a spacious indoor and outdoor facility.  Take a tour of our facility by watching the video below.

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We are open 7am to 6:30pm. Monday to Friday.

Closed on public holidays.

We provide structured, supervised play for dogs and puppies in a spacious indoor and outdoor dog daycare facility in Miramar. We love dogs and can't wait to meet yours!

Most dogs enjoy hanging out with other dogs - a quick game of chase, some friendly butt sniffing, and lots of enthusiastic running around. These play sessions provide ample opportunities for dogs to practice their social graces, learn to read other dogs' body language, and cavort with their pals.

Our play lounges offer many options for doggie entertainment and exploration, with comfy places to sit and survey the room when your best friend gets tired of playing with their mates.

Fresh water is available at all times and our lounges are kept impeccably clean.

Our trained staff are always present to supervise the dogs at play, and provide unlimited love, praise and affection. We also provide feedback to clients about how their dog is doing, who they're playing with, and what activities they enjoy.

We have six different lounges at our dog daycare facility including an outdoor play area which the dogs are rotated through so everyone gets a turn in the sun. We have a room just for little dogs and puppies, and separate rooms for large dogs, nervous dogs, older dogs, convalescing dogs -  in fact all dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs and people.

Each lounge is securely contained with high walls. Staff enter and exit through an introduction pen, which is double gated. This allows us to slowly introduce dogs to the room and also prevents escapes.



Add an on-leash walk

You can also add on a half hour on-leash dog walk to your dog's daycare visit. They can enjoy a lovely run around at the park next door, get some rest from all the playing, and get one on one time with one of our lovely dog daycare staff members.