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Booking policy

It is essential to book your dogs into daycare no later than 5PM of the day before they are due to arrive.

We strongly encourage setting your dog up on a regular schedule, as dogs are very routine based and like to know what's going on. 

When dogs come in on a regular schedule, they settle quicker and enjoy themselves more as they are familiar with most of the dogs in the room.

Also, they're more likely to be more settled at home on their home days, as they know they can rest up in anticipation of another burst of play and fun in a day or two. 

You can email, phone (and leave a voicemail if we don't answer in time) or contact us through the website before 5PM.

If there's a problem with your booking, or if you need to go on a waiting list, we will let you know.

Due to high demand for our daycare sessions, we have instituted a "No Show and Late Cancellation Fee" policy that will result in a $20 fee if you cancel your session with less than 24 hours' notice, or if you do not show up for your booking.