Frequently Asked Questions

How do we divide the dogs up?

  • First by size then by temperament.
  • We have some bigger dogs who are more comfortable with little dogs and some little dogs who prefer large dogs.
  • We have extra rooms here to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy with their play mates.

How do we keep the dogs calm and quiet? 

  • We only allow dogs who are people and dog friendly.
  • Our staff are trained to read dog behaviour and the dogs are watched closely to make sure they're okay.
  • Everyone has their own thresholds and histories, so we group dogs together carefully, rotating them as necessary to find the best match.
  • We discourage high energy play as this can quickly tip over into a fight if one dog feels threatened or tired.
  • We use vocal tones to get the dogs attention, redirect or shush.
  • We encourage calm, quiet play where everyone is enjoying themselves.

Why do we use crates?

  • We use them as a  quiet, safe place for dogs to calm down

How do we keep the place clean?

  • We sterilize the building each night
  • We use animal safe chemicals and promptly clean up messes

Why do we insist on up to date vaccinations, worming and flea treatments?

  • We do our best to prevent the spread of infections, diseases and parasites.
  • We keep our facility very clean, but we need owners to also keep their dogs healthy and to not send them in if they're unwell.

Why do we prefer dogs to be desexed?

  • To keep everyone safe and happy we insist that dogs are desexed by 6 months of age.